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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Devil Horns And Proud Mommy Moments

One of the biggest events in South Florida during season is the Renaissance Festival, which we somehow seem to miss each year. This year I was sure to find out exactly when it was taking place and pencil it into the calendar before our days and hours became filled with something else. I think we were both happy that I did this.

When we got there I could see from the ticket booth alone that great pains were taken to recreate the renaissance feel. We were instantly transported from the 21st century to the 15th century and we didn’t even need a time machine to get there. It was great.

We met a pirate strolling about.

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We saw a lady eat fire. (Justice was particularly taken with her and her talent).

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Justice tried his hand at jousting.

He rode the swings powered by two men cranking a wheel.
See his little head poking out of the swing on the left?

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He rode an over sized barrel pushed rather crazily by a shirtless man.

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He even found a new hobby. Juggling crystal sticks. He liked them so much I bought them for him as an early birthday present.

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The man who ran the tent said Justice was particularly good with them. He had managed to master a trick that two ten year olds had been trying to get all day in just a matter of minutes. It was a proud mommy moment for me.

The only thing I was disappointed in was the fact that we did not have costumes! When we got there I realized it was like Halloween for Renaissance lovers. All around us were fair maidens in corsets and hooped dresses, pirates, fairies, nymphs, gypsies and more. I’m already gathering ideas for next year and promise to have pictures of us in truly amazing costumes.

This year we had to settle for devil horns and regular clothes.

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