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Friday, February 22, 2008

Great! But Will I Fit In There?

During one of our recent thrift store hunts Justice found this really neat Little Tykes football toy box. The selling point for him was he could fit inside it and close the lid on top of himself. Now I don’t know about you, but; when I look for storage containers the last thing on my mind is “Can I fit in there?” I guess that’s just another profound difference between adults and children. Somewhere along the road we stop asking that question and begin to ask other questions like “Will that fit in the room?” and “Will the color of the container match with the rooms decor?”

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Justice liked his newfound football so much that he wanted to turn it into his permanent bed. I didn’t want to squash his dreams too harshly so I let him fall asleep in there, then gingerly picked him out of the over sized ball and laid him down in his big comfy bed.

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The next day he was pretty ticked off to find I had actually put toys in the toy box. What was I thinking?

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