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Saturday, January 19, 2008

There are Gerber's in Who-Ville

Islands of Adventure was hosting Grinchmas this year and we were super excited about it. Because the park was so crowded, we decided to skip most of the main attractions and visit some of the other things we normally skip over, before heading to Suess Landing for a Grinchy Christmas. Justice really liked the Jurassic Park Discovery Center, where we could inspect and scan dinosaur eggs. We could also pretend to be archaeologist and scan rocks and look for fossils, as well as view large dinosaur replicas. I was really surprised at how much this grasped his attention. Sometimes we think we have to provide glitz and glamor for our children; but, in reality they are truly happy with so much less. It’s us, the grownups, that create the need for more. It is the grownups who are never satisfied. It’s no wonder to me that the Lord said “Truly I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

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After exploring the prehistoric wonderland we made our way over to The Lost Continent. It was here that we came across a middle eastern shop modeled after ancient Arabia. I noticed a man tattooing a girl with henna, which is made from an Asian plant and temporarily stains the skin a reddish brown color. I had always wanted a henna tattoo and recently my boss had gone to EPCOT and gotten a beautiful temporary tattoo of her own. When she showed it to me I was instantly jealous and vowed to get one for my self the next time the opportunity presented itself.

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I knew this trip had to be made on a very tight budget; however, my thrifty choices and packed lunches had allowed us enough spending money to get a couple of modest tattoo’s of our own. I let Justice pick his design first. He choose a snake. The artist asked where he wanted it and Justice pointed to his forearm. He sat on the exotically pillowed chairs and held his arm out with anticipation. The artist began to work his magic and made his snake much larger than what we had paid for. I was thankful for that.

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After his art was finished I sat for mine. I picked a flower and asked the man to put it on my hand. That’s the beauty of a temporary tattoo. You can choose to have it placed on a taboo spot with no trepidation, knowing it will slowly fade away in a week or so. As with Justice he made my tattoo larger than the 1 inch we paid for.

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After that we had to be very careful not to smudge our new artwork for at least 30 minutes while it dried and turned into a flaky, clay like substance. This proved to be a bit difficult in a theme park setting; but, we were successful. Suess Landing was just around the bend and we were ready for some action. We crossed the bridge from one land to the next and found ourselves in the pages of every beloved Dr. Seuss book. Who’s were strolling about the street like everyday people and Christmas trees with over sized glass balls were tucked into every corner. We were walking through a very unique Christmas wonderland straight from the imagination of Dr. Sues himself.

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I noted the time and realized it was almost time for the next showing of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas“. Quickly we managed to snag some seats on the ground close to the front of the stage. As we waited for the show to start Justice struck a friendship with a little English girl. I think he was quite taken with her accent, as he said to me “Hey, I heard somebody talk like you on a TV show.” Of course I’m sure we sounded just as strange to her.

The show itself far exceeded my expectations. It was very well produced and included a few new musical numbers by Manheim Steamroller. It told the story of The Grinch most similar to the movie released in 2000, starring Jim Carey. The thing that had my jaw on the door what the Who’s. I was in utter amazement at the makeup job done on these individuals. It was impossible to determine whether their elongated snouts were natural or manufactured by highly talented make-up artists. Again and again I searched their faces for some trace of truth, but couldn’t find any. They could have been natural born Who’s for all I knew.

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Other than the impeccable Who’s I was quite taken with Mac, the Grinch‘s dog. He was so cute and they had somehow managed to attach the infamous reindeer ears to his little head. Off to the side I could see a treat bearing trainer coaxing him along with perfectly timed morsels. He was quite eager to perform for food and love. Now, if only I could get Justice to work that way….(just joking)

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