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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Autobiography Of Two Lives

Last year one of my new years resolutions was to get into scrap booking. It’s one of the hottest things out in the craft world right now and it’s something I’ve always admired. The problem is, I am not a very artistic individual. I would like to be able to draw a straight line and cut a perfect circle out of paper; but, I just wasn’t born with that skill.

A few months ago I started blogging after being inspired by Ali Rae Mondok's blog. If you are looking for another blog to read I highly recommend hers. She has been affected by shaken baby syndrome and the blog depicts her daily struggles to overcome adversity. She has consistently been exceeding every prediction the doctors and nurses have made for her and the family attributes that to the many prayers of concerned friends and family. Ali and her family have been in my prayers for several months now and it would be great if you would consider adding them to your prayer list too!

Like Ali’s blog, The Wonderful World Of Justice And Mommy depicts our every day lives; however, it’s quite different from Ali’s for obvious reasons. Our blog consists of detailed re-tellings of our weekend getaways and the many great and not so great things that naturally occur between a mother and her child. It is the autobiography of our lives.

As I was looking over the posts I’ve made and I saw the pictures and video’s I’ve included, it occurred to me that our blog was like a living scrapbook. I may not have the gift of drawing and cutting intricate patterns out of paper; however, the good Lord did bless me in the writing department. Now I’m not claiming to be any James Joyce; but, I can hold my own with a pen and paper- or in this case a keyboard and screen.

This blog is my living legacy for my son. It is the story of our lives in letters and pictures. It’s something I can pass down to Justice when he gets older, or print and make a book out of, so that he has all of his memories forever captured in a collection of short stories. How many people are fortunate enough to have their whole life’s autobiography written for them as the live it? Not very many I suspect.

The only regret I have is that I have not done this since day 1, so I have decided to include some “Blasts From The Past” each month in order to memorialize some of the other things we’ve done over the years. I realized as I was looking over the posts that I’ve made, that the incredible things we’ve done over the last few months are just a snippet of the many great experiences we’ve been lucky enough to have. I want to share as much as I can with everyone who is interested while creating an amazing, life gift for my son, who is the center of my universe.

Starting this month I will be posting at least 1-2 Blasts From The Past!
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posted by Mary Gerber at 1/19/2008


blogs make great scrapbooks.

thanks for reading and posting about Allie...

February 8, 2008 at 9:33 AM  

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