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Thursday, January 17, 2008

We're Syndicated Now!!!!!

I have big news for The Wonderful World of Justice and Mommy! We're syndicated now. What's that you say? How does this affect me? The answer is it only affects you if you want it to. You can subscribe to this feed by clicking on the little yahoo, google or bloglines icons to the left of the page. Then when you log onto google, yahoo or bloglines a pared down version of the blog will appear on your page along with whatever other info you have on there such as news, weather, celebrity gossip etc.

If you haven't taken advantage of setting up and or customizing your igoogle or myyahoo page I highly recommend doing so. Quite simply, it puts more information at your fingertips faster. Instead of having to go to one site for news, another for weather, another for this and another for that, you can put whatever you want on your home page. It's your "home" page so you should be able to have whatever you want there. I'm kind of new to it; but, I can see already that it's a huge time saver!

You can still go directly to the blog to get the full content; but, by subscribing you get another avenue to view the main content a little faster. I'm not sure how this is going to affect the blog in the long run, but for now it's pretty cool! The internet world is expanding so fast with blogs, podcasts and syndication that it's hard to keep up with the newest thing, but I'm sure as heck going to try!
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posted by Mary Gerber at 1/17/2008


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