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Monday, November 12, 2007

Window Shopping

A couple of Saturdays ago I was particularly broke and wanted something to do when I had a truly brilliant idea. We should go window shopping. As a child my father used to take me window shopping at all the newest home developments to see what the houses looked like and how much they were going for. I always loved that because I would walk through the rooms imagining which would be mine and what my wonderful fantasy life in that house would be like.

As an adult I have found that the only kind of window shopping that works for me is to "shop" for things I have no hope of affording right now. If I window shop at the MAC counter chances are I am going to come out with a small brown bag from Bloomingdales or if I "shop" at Steve Madden.... You guessed it! I will walk out with a great pair of shoes. Of course I'll rationalize the purchase by saying, "Well, they were 60% off so....". With that in mind I decided to check out the new RV's at Palm Beach RV.

Unfortunately they don't carry
Teardrop campers which I have developed a small obsession with. If you've never heard of them check out the link. They are so cute and can be pulled with a motorcycle or small car.

On the way there I asked Justice if he knew what window shopping was and he said
"Well what do you think it is?"
"Um, we're going shopping for windows?"
"No sweetie, it means you go shopping, but you're not going to buy anything."
"I don't get it."
"Well, back in the day when towns were smaller there used to be one street with all the stores and they would display their best stuff in the windows. People would walk by and look into the windows just to see what they could buy if they had more money."
"Mommy, I don't want to do that. Let's do something else today."

Of course after we got there and he saw how cool the campers were he wanted to go into every one 2 and 3 times!

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