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Monday, April 7, 2008

Michelle's Wedding

Michelle’s Wedding

There are so many wonderful things I want to say about Michelle’s wedding; but, I think the video below says everything. There are just two parts that I’m going to take the time to write about, because they were so cute. Justice and Hannah.

Justice was the ring bearer and he was taking his job very seriously . He had been to the rehearsal the day before and new just what was expected of him and we had a long talk about how his good job and good behavior could be his gift to Michael and Michelle for their wedding. He didn’t want to give a bad gift, so he concentrated very hard on his part.

When he got to the end of the aisle he got a funny smile on his face and just stood there for a moment. He knew where he was supposed to go; but, he wanted to do something else first. Torn between his duty and his desire he stood on the precipice of decision for a moment then decided to go for it. His desire. He threw his arms open as wide as they would go, gave Michael a million dollar smile, then ran into his arms. The shared the sweetest hug for a few seconds, then Justice dutifully took his place with the groomsmen.

When Hannah’s turn came she stated out just a little uncertain. She’s a bit younger than Justice and wasn’t able to make it to the rehearsal; but, she watched the others go first and had an idea of what to do. She started out just fine, putting one ballet slipper covered foot in front of the other. She was advancing perfectly down the aisle and then she stopped. She looked down into her white basket filled with petals and knew she had something else to do.

With a purpose in mind, she grabbed a handful of petals and dropped them on the ground- and then another, and another and another until the basket was empty. She looked around somewhat confused and start to walk again. With a little coaxing she made it to the front then turned around to show us her basket. She turned it upside down and said “It’s empty!” Apparently we had not given her an adequate supply.

Everything else went off without a hitch and it really was a lovely wedding. Please watch the video below to get a glimpse of the day.

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