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Sunday, November 11, 2007

We're so cool we blog now!

Well, I've finally decided to join the growing number of people who document their entire lives through blogs for all the world to see. Of course Justice and I both have our own myspace and facebook accounts where anyone can check us out and view our current pictures, but; I've noticed that blogs are much more personal. They seem to resemble a journal from days past in which people would record their daily comings and goings along with their deepest hopes and fears. At one time journals were these very personal things that were carefully guarded under lock and key lest anyone find them and know your most secret thoughts. Now all that has changed. In the information age we have taken to posting our journals on the internet for all to see and we even allow others to comment on our blogs! So for anyone who cares to see this is where you are given a window to the wonderful world of mommy and justice.
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posted by Mary Gerber at 11/11/2007


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